Traveling to Washington D.C.

I woke up at 7:15 am on August 6th, the day of my departure.  I got ready to go, and I was super excited, but really nervous. I did some last minute packing, and gathered my things. I then said to say goodbye to my dog, and put my stuff into the car. I left with my family to go to the KCI Airport.

We parked the car and walked into the airport. I checked in my big bag.(The bag ended up weighing 49.5 lbs after repacking and switching suitcases). My grandma, aunt, uncle, and cousins were waiting to say goodbye to me before my flight left. I had a partially teary goodbye to my whole family, and we took some photos. I went through security and waited for my flight. I found another person in CBYX who had the same flight as me.

We boarded the plane. The plane was a jet, so they had to take the larger carry-ons.The plane was small, only 3 seats across. I had a nice flight. There was a poor mosquito in stuck in between of the outer and inner window of the airplane. It was dead by mid flight. As I flew, I thought about the unknown I was going to face. I was leaving all that I knew, and was headed on a new adventure.

The plane landed, and we walked off by a ramp onto the jetway/tarmack. I grabbed my carry-on, and waked into Dulles. We walked up and down escalators until we reached the baggage claim. We were the first there, so we checked in with the FLAG person and grabbed our luggage.

We waited around until more people showed up . I grabbed some food (a Caesar salad chicken wrap that was mostly lettuce). When everyone was there, we loaded our luggage in the charter bus and went to the 4H Center.

We arrived at the 4H center, checked in, and then went to out rooms.

Bis Spätter,





One thought on “Traveling to Washington D.C.

  1. Beautiful picture ! The worst is over. Now you are with people you are getting to know. How exciting….I would feel the same way. Have fun…..


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