Washington D.C. Pre-departure Orientation

Sorry for not posting anything in awhile, I have been really caught up in language camp and here at the Koster we have spotty wifi.


We arrived at the Washington D.C. Dulles Airport, and were the first ones there. After waiting for (I think) an hour, everyone came.

We rode on a charter bus about 30 minutes to the 4H Center in Chevvy Chase, Maryland.

We arrived and took all our luggage out and put it on the sidewalk. We then walked in to the main building and checked in and got our room keys. We were lugging our carryons up the stairs when we all realized there was a elevator.

The room had two bunk beds, a table, a tv, closet, and attached bathroom. I was rooming with 3 other girls. (I had a top bunk) We then had dinner, which was buffet style with a set menu, a salad bar, a desert bar, and drink station.

After that we had free time, where we played games and got to know each other for the first time. We had a meeting where we introduced to what we would be doing that weekend.

Saturday and Sunday :

We woke up, got ready, and walked to breakfast. We then had seminars all day long regarding going on exchange. We ended the scheduled seminars early sometimes and had even more free time to hang out with the others and play games. I kind of learned how to play pool, which was really interesting! We also had lunch, then another seminar. We then had dinner, and the last seminar.

I went to bed really tired, and awoke to another full day of seminars with regular breaks and meals!


I woke up, got dressed, and ate my very last breakfast in the US. I then went back upstairs to my room to finish packing the stuff in my carry-on. We then checked the room one last time and collected all our luggage to take downstairs.

Some girls worked out a system to make the luggage go down in the elevator rather than lugging the checked and carry on bag down the 2 flights of stairs. We then had to roll our luggage from the dorms to the main building were we had perviously had checked in. I turned in my room key and name tag. We sat around in the lobby for 30 minutes waiting for the buses to arrive. I went to the bathroom one last time, and then took my luggage to bus for it to be loaded.

We boarded the bus and headed back to airport for our flight to Frankfurt!


3 thoughts on “Washington D.C. Pre-departure Orientation

  1. I suppose there is too much to do for you, with settling in your new surroundings and preparing for school. Better to concentrate on your “Exchange” instead the Blog.


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