Flying to Germany


On the 8th of August, we boarded the bus and went to the Dulles Airport in Washington D.C.

We arrived at the airport and got all our luggage out of the charter bus.

We hauled all our luggage into the check-in area of the airport. I then waited in line to check my baggage. I got up to the counter checked my baggage and got my plane ticket. I was worried that my luggage would weigh over 50 lbs, but it didn’t!

With 5o people, it took a little bit of time to get everyone checked in.  I took my other things (carry-on & backpack)  to the side and waited for everyone else. We then went through security and took the train over to the C Terminal. We had to wait for around for hours before the flight boarded. I went to Subway and got a turkey sandwich, and another one for Kayla.

The boarding started at 5:20 (I think…) and I was in boarding group five, which was the last. We boarded the plane, and took off for Frankfurt.

I (luckily) had an aisle seat next to Sean and Liz. I was sitting in the 2nd to last row on the plane in the middle.

Overall the plane ride was okay.  I couldn’t find an overhead bin to fit my carry-on, so I had to go up to the economy plus section for my baggage. The food was semi-decent (as plane food goes), and consisted of a dinner, chicken with grits, and breakfast, a croissant with strawberry jam. The man behind me was nice enough to let me lay down my chair all the way, but I didn’t get any sleep because my neck was acting up. I only managed to watch half of a movie (the new Star Wars one) because I was tired. Liz watched a movie and had me hold her hand because she was a bit scared.  The landing in Frankfurt had some turbulence, but we landed safely. We then clapped.

We, the 50 of us, another exchange student, Amanda, and Shad, waited to exit the plane last because we had a large group. We got all our luggage and exited the plane down steep stairs out onto the tarmac. It was rainy and cold outside. We then loaded a bus and rode to the main terminal. We went through security and passport control, where I got my 3rd stamp in my passport!

We then grabbed our luggage, and went to meet up with the German PI Representative. After we got introduced, we meet up with the Thai students at the meet-up point. Afterwards, we were allowed to go buy food and drink for the bus ride. I went to a bakery shop and ordered a water and a chocolate croissant.

Shortly after we walked quite far to load the buses, which was quite hard because it was a bit hot outside, and had multiple pieces of luggage. But I did it, and made it the place where the bus was going to pick us all up. We then took a group photo.

We boarded the bus to Hedersleben. Everyone was tired, so the large majority slept. I tried to stay awake, but I eventually fell asleep. The landscape of Germany is so beautiful with the rolling hills, farmland, and windmills, which reminds me of western Kansas. We stopped midway to take a bathroom break on the Autobahn, but the bathrooms are a bit different than the ones in the USA. For the rest of the trip, I slept.

We arrived at Hedersleben in the afternoon, and took our luggage inside. Everyone then got their room assignments-I was assigned to a 3 person room. Then dinner was at 5pm.



-If you see a photo that you are in and don’t want it to be on my blog, feel free to contact me, and I will remove it-




One thought on “Flying to Germany

  1. This was a long journey. You remember a lot of details! Sorry about the bathroom you encountered on the motorway ride. There are many better ones at the motorway restaurants. They are nice and well kept.


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